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WHY IT MATTERS & HOW IT WORKS. Hi, here I will tell you a few basic things about happiness and why it matters so much for your daily and professional life. You may think that...


WHERE DO YOU STAND? So, you decided to find out where you stand with happiness. I’ve prepared a simple test for you. It covers the three basic pillars of happiness – success, positivity and meaning....


THREE WAYS TO GROW Hi, welcome to my happiness gymnasium. Just as you would train your legs, abs and arms in a gym, you will do three basic exercises to boost and build your happiness....

You may think happiness is hard to pursue …

After all so many people are chasing it so hard. Actually, happiness is quite simple. You too can be simply happy. All it takes is a few pieces of knowledge, knowing where you stand in terms of happiness and constant training.

Yes, constant training. That’s the hard part about happiness. You will have to work out every single day!

Happiness is a journey, not a destination –

– Anonymous

I am here to help you keep moving on this journey of happiness.

You can choose to

  • understand the dynamics of happiness better,
  • check to what extend you build your happiness already through self talk and positive communication and
  • build your happiness through selected exercises

Choose where you would go next. I’ll meet you there

Best, Happy